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Hope for the future by respect for the past

Narona publishing proudly presents a wide range of texts in their original language and in translation.


We have three publishing lines that span art, classics, and world literature and hope to add more in the future. Check out our series and author pages to learn more about each category and to order our books on Amazon


Study Texts

Our Study Text publishing line focuses on beautiful. original language editions of classic works that enable note taking and translating.

Vivat Texts

Forgotten works brought to new life. Travelogues, spirituality, and more from authors who time forgot. We bring these back to life as compilations and new editions with illustrations, commentary, and features that make rediscovering the past accessible to modern readers.

Narona Originals

Short stories, art, photo books, travelogues, and poetry. Check out our featured authors here. Submissions:


Or shades thereof

Our incredible staff is at the heart of everything we do at Narona Publishing. They come from a variety of backgrounds, interests and specialties. But the one thing they all have in common is a passion for making the voices of talented writers heard.


William Duke

Founder, Editor At Large

Duke started Narona Publishing and oversees its many operations, including occasional contributions to new editions.


C. Hernando


Hernando prepares our new editions for print, including commissioning illustrations and reading proposals for Narona Originals.


Canne Wolf

Editor, QA

Canne works tirelessly on making sure our books are free of errors and look beautiful in any format, be it paperback, hard cover, or as an ebook. If you see an error please let us know.

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