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A holly bough, an axe, and a deadly game - these aren't what we normally think of in a Christmas story but at Camelot in the court of King Arthur marvels are to be expected. Sir Gawain And The Green Knight is the peerless tale of Gawain's adventure to fulfill an oath to a mysterious, and seemingly immortal, Green Knight. The manuscript was seemingly forgotten for almost two centuries, but since its first reproduction in 1839 it has attracted literary giants such as Simon Armitage and JRR Tolkien with its tale of danger and temptation for the noblest of the knights of The Round Table. Here the original Middle English text is presented in full with interleaved pages to allow for note taking, translations, and more. The glossary section includes word definitions and notes from Sir Frederic Madden and Richard Morris to elucidate points from this fascinating and long forgotten work.

Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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