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The Dream Of The Rood, a mystical vision poem of the Crucifixion as told by the Cross itself, is an astounding piece of poetry. Originally known only from runic fragments on the Ruthwell Cross in Scotland, its discovery in full in the cathedral library of Vercelli, Italy, in 1822 brought it to the fore of Anglo-Saxon poetry. This Study Text is meant to give students, scholars, and translators an affordable eBook version of the original text that can be used for notes, reference, and analysis. Included is the full original text, a vocabulary section of useful words and phrases, and an introduction to the importance of The Dream Of The Rood. Through these texts we hope to make the best of Classical and Medieval texts available in a format that encourages note taking and textual analysis that is otherwise not possible in larger or more expensive volumes.

The Dream Of The Rood

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